As previously stated by the general technical partner of the platform, TDI company (, in January 2019, the functionality of the aggregator is waiting for a lot of useful updates such as the ability to chat with customers, send different files in it, and receive notifications to the personal account of new suitable orders, changes in current orders and much more. The referral program will also be implemented, which will allow to receive additional profits and bonuses to all registered users, and most importantly, will allow to receive passive income from each transaction of the referral user conducted on the platform. You simply invite users to register on your personal referral link, which will be placed in the personal account of each user and immediately receive bonus BREM tokens to your account. In general, the referral program is designed in such a way that any user has the opportunity to derive maximum benefits from cooperation with the platform. After the referral program start, we will certainly make a detailed post about the rules of its use and tell you how to earn on the liability using the BREM platform even if you are absolutely not related to the real estate market.

The BREM project team also reminds that everyone who has time to register on the platform before January 31, will receive 100 bonus BREM tokens (the equivalent of $100) to his / her account in his / her personal account, which he / she can use to pay for additional services on the platform. Since February, the amount of bonus tokens for new registrants will be reduced in half — to 50 BREM, so we recommend everyone who has not yet had time to register to do it as soon as possible in order to get their 100 tokens. Even if you do not plan to use the platform in the nearest future, we are convinced they they will be useful to you in the future, because the cost of the token will constantly grow alongside the platform development.

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