Become a BREM partner and build your online business in real estate!

We invite professional networkers to take part in the BREM referral program

We don’t promise huge percentages like the pyramids do!

We do not charge money for registration as hype projects!

We pay a clear interest of platform fee!

BREM is a platform that helps real estate market participants to work more effectively to receive orders, advertise, buy real estate, furniture, and building materials, insurance and mortgage products with excellent cashback.  BREM pays a fair part the platform’s commission to the referral program participants!

The BREM project provides its partners with a unique opportunity to build their online business in real estate absolutely legally!

We offer linear marketing with a 2-level depth.

A partner receives 0.07 BREM tokens for each invited user registered on the referral link of the 1st level.

For each invited user by referral (level 2) a partner receives 0.03 BREM tokens (BREM Bonus tokens can also be used to pay for platform services).

However, these pleasant surprises are just a beginning – the partners receive main income from a platform in the future, with each payment referral services or aggregator services, you get 7% from the first line and 3% from the second line of referrals during the whole time of the user’s work on the platform (registered by your referral link) – entirely passive income that you get for attracting users to the platform.

Also for the achievement of status, that is, the creation of turnover, active partners receive Titles and gifts based on the amount of turnover.

► The beginner partner who has just registered on the platform has PARTNER title. This is the initial rank.

► Upon reaching the turnover amount of 200 000 RUB on the platform by his referrals, he receives the title of SILVER PARTNER and 10 000 RUB is sent to his personal account, which he can withdraw at any time, as well as his payment (income) from commissions of all referrals payments increased from 7% to 8% in the first line and from 3% to 4% in the second line.

► When 500 000 RUB turnover is reached, the status of the GOLD PARTNER is assigned and 15 000 rubles are credited to his account, as well as the payments from commissions of all referrals payments are increased from 8% to 9% in the first line and from 4% to 5% in the second line.

► When a turnover of 1 000 000 RUB is reached, the PLATINUM PARTNER status is assigned and BREM sends 50 000 RUB bonus to partner account and the payments from commissions of all payments of referrals are increased from 9% to 10% and from 5% to 6% accordingly.

► Exceeding the referrals total turnover of 5 000 000 RUB,  the DIAMOND PARTNER status is assigned to the partner and he receives a gift of 250 000 RUB, meanwhile the payments from commissions of all payments of referrals are increased from 10% to 11% and from 6% to 7% accordingly.

Everyone who has time to register before the end of January as a partner will receive $ 100 in BREM bonus tokens, which he can use to pay for platform services (such as raising the ads in the general list on the first line or highlighting the ad color).

When you register in February, the bonus will be reduced by half-to $ 50, and it will be even less in April.

Register now, don’t waste your time and money!


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