How Pro.BREM works for customers

To place an order at the Pro.BREM order and find the right specialist, register on the platform as a customer. After that, you can create a new application in your personal account.

Platform functionality for the customer

With the help of the Pro.BREM platform you can find specialists to perform various tasks: search and rent an apartment, registration of inheritance (house, cottage), preparation of technical documentation for real estate, search for an investor for the construction of a housing complex, etc. With the help of the service you can find any specialist who is related to real estate:

  • builders;
  • architects;
  • designers;
  • realtors;
  • investors;
  • lawyers;
  • evaluators;
  • cadastral engineer;
  • mortgage brokers and others.

What do you need to register on Pro.BREM?

To register on the platform, the user must specify an email (it will also serve as a login) and create a password. Personal data about the customer is specified in the personal account: first and last name, city, contact information, email, mobile phone number, Skype). You can also upload a profile photo. Here, if necessary, you can change the password.

To confirm your email address, you will receive an email with the link you need to click.

How to create an order?

After registration, the user can create orders. The form will open automatically after registration. In the future, to create the following orders, you will need to click on the appropriate button in your account – “My orders” – “Add an order”.

The form to create an order contains several fields that you need to fill in manually or select an option from the list. You will need to specify:

  • a specialist;
  • what service is required;
  • city of service;
  • the name of the task;
  • order details (any information that the customer believes is important for the performer: it may be wishes or details of the order);
  • service cost.

All fields are required. Also, if necessary, file documents can be attached to the order, for example, a photo of the proposed construction site and so on.

Performer selection

The customer can choose the performer from the list of respondents, which will display the avatars of candidates, their specialization, the proposed amount of payment (may differ from the one that the customer specified in the order), as well as a comment to the order from the contractor. You can select a performer only once for each order.

Also, the customer can offer his order to registered specialists. To do this, click on the button “Suitable specialists” located under the order, after which a relevant list will open. The customer can get acquainted with questionnaires of the offered specialists and to make a choice of the suitable candidate based on it.

Additional options

After creating an order, the user will be able to edit it: name, city, job (order details), cost. This will allow you to correct possible mistakes or make changes and additions to the order, which may become relevant in the future.

After completing the task, the customer puts the assessment to the performer, which will further affect the rating of the specialist. At the same time, several parameters (politeness, punctuality, adequacy) are evaluated. You can also leave a text review. If the performer will not fulfill the order, his work will be evaluated by the same parameters.

The customer user in his profile can view all created orders. For convenience, the search provides filtering orders by their status:

  • open (no performer selected);
  • work in progress;
  • completed;
  • archival.

The user can send the order to the archive independently when there is no need in the order anymore (for example, if the performer was found elsewhere, the service is no longer relevant).

If you have any questions about the service, online consultation will help to solve them quickly, or you will be able to find the answer in the help center.

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