The BREM project was presented at the Munich Real Estate and Investment Congress

From 7 to 9 October in Munich, the BREM team made a presentation at the International Congress of Real Estate and Investments. This congress is one of the most significant European forums in the fields of investment, construction, real estate transactions, innovative technologies and cryptocurrencies, where specialized experts from all over the world regularly attend.

This time more than 450 participants from 19 countries arrived in Germany, including participants from Russia, the USA, France, Belgium, Italy and other European countries, as well as from countries in Asia and the Middle East. Experienced investors and promising project teams met together. BREM project was well received, as it allows for carrying out real estate transactions based on blockchain technology, along with being the general partner of the congress.

The event was attended by projects from several categories, including innovation, banking, foreign real estate, start-ups, cryptocurrency. The BREM project team too demonstrated all the capabilities of its platform, including both investing in real estate around the world in cryptocurrencies, and raising funds for the development of any projects. In addition, the MVP was demonstrated, about which we have already described in previous articles.

Since the BREM presentation aroused great interest in European real estate market participants, the project team responded to potential investors for a long time — as a result, partnership agreements were reached with several large German and Austrian developers. In addition, the project attracted the attention of representatives of traditional venture capitalists. Presently, BREM is considering the possibility of selling the company’s share to venture capital investors, who can contribute to a more dynamic development of the project.

It is also worth noting that registration on the platform will open in November of this year, and the first users will receive $ 100 in project tokens — in the future they can be used to purchase additional services.

Already we can say with confidence that traditional transactions in construction and real estate are a thing of the past, which has also been the opinion of the congress participants. So, interest in the BREM project, which uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, has been extremely high. Tokenization of real estate, artificial intelligence and 3D tours of the projects will soon replace the existing standards and therefore faceless websites of agencies and private realtors.

For a more detailed overview of how the BREM presentation took place, how the European market participants reacted to the project and what the congress in Munich was remembered for, watch for our next article.

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